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CMC Collegiate: Study Breaks

I had this big plan to put up a Weekly Roundup, but I missed it. Then I was going to put it up a day late, and I missed it. Two days late? Missed that one, too. You see, it’s this little thing called finals week that is causing me to miss any and every deadline that does not have to do with one of my five classes.

Funny Animal Captions - It Looks a Lot Like My Tuesday and Wednesday Faces 

{This also doubles as my permanent finals week face. Please, just picture it.}

So, if my deliriousness is not evidence enough, I’m telling you that it is a wise choice to take study breaks, for those of you still taking exams or who have yet to take exams (I could potentially be the only one).  I all too quickly reached the state of the girl pictured above and to prevent it from happening to you, here are a few study break options:

  • Write a blog post, or a letter to a friend. I figured I would go ahead and advocate this since it’s exactly what I’m doing right now (even though it’s not my break time!)
  • Spend all too much time on Pinterest or StumbleUpon. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to come across hilarious glamour shots or a video of the Harvard Baseball Team singing Call Me Maybe?
  • GET OFF the computer. While it’s all too appealing to watch youtube videos and repin your inspiration all day long, sometimes it is good for your brain (and your eyes!) to get a break. Try catching up on laundry or pack to head home
  • GO OUTSIDE. Seriously, I don’t know why I haven’t done this more. Take advantage of your campus or your city. Go play frisbee with your friends or just sunbathe for a few minutes. Go for a run or do something silly (like mini golfing) to get your mind off your exams completely.
the sweetest little tutu-wearing flower girl  Photography by
{Seriously, a tutu wearing flower girl? Too cute!}

Taking a break is probably the most important part of studying. You can go back to your favorite study spot with your 20 lbs of books and have a clearer mind than you ever thought possible. After this next bit of studying, I’m already planning for a nap and laundry session!