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Barbour Boots

My obsession with Barbour began before I headed to Ireland last summer—I was trying to get in the rustic Irish mood and thought the brand was a decent place to start. I love their ads and I’ve had my eye on a gilet for awhile now but I never bought anything until the Chelsea Loriner boots—and I’m obsessed!

I’ve never been a fan of short boots, but these remind me of Bean Boots except they’re a little more feminine. The quilted detail on the back puts me in the mood for horseback riding and the rubber soles have me ready to go for a long hike. They’re perfect for living in London and dealing with the constantly changing weather.

Today I have them styled with leggings and socks, a chunky sweater, and a vest, but I’ve also worn them tucked into jeans, hidden under jeans, and with tights. They were hard to find but were definitely worth the investment of my time…and the money! I can’t wait to play around with them more.